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and direction of. and with colorado and washington is a huge geo on a drug prohibition that is how it will end in this country like alcohol prohibition. john: alcohol prohibition was repealed by individual states before the federal government? >> one dozen states by the end of the period. john: new york was three years. 104 -- 10 years and forstmann was up to the fed. >> states lived in open defiance than the federal government cannot enforce it the fast majority is that the state level there are not enough agents to go to every colorado pot smoker. >> gapped the same time goodie a was warning people listen, a federal laws are still enforced. but the shift to marriage equality maine, maryland. john: stay on marijuana. >> i am happy to stay on marijuana. [laughter] john: that does not mean they're not in trouble and the obama administration had more dispensaries. >> actually the clinton administrations started to raid merit -- medical marijuana dispensaries that became the goal. john: even after saying we would not. >> exactly. it is of major issue not about drug legalization but can the states
and centralize the power to be in washington dc part of that is bureaucratic and in sufficient. john: thank you for all you have done to wake people up. but i fear we will not have much convince -- success convincing people we don't need fema. even though government fails part instinct leads us to assume washington has the best. they don't. they fail all the time. fema fails constantly. after hurricane hugo one senator called it bureaucratic jackasses to get the hell out of the way. they said prove it but after hurricane andrew even in your times reported it is unclear who was in charge of the relief ever. mikulski said the response was seen as a disaster itself. they said they would fix it then came hurricane katrina and nobles to thousand people died. fema often got in the way. the extra hotel hired buses but fema took them and send them to the convention center. wal-mart offered a three trailer trucks filled with water and fema turned them away. they prevented the coast guard from delivered 1,000 dolls-- gallons of fuel even ordering 91,000 tons of rice but then shipped it to maine and arizo
, responsible or acting like grown-ups. it would be great if somebody in washington could take the lead. it is not if the recovery recovery, taxes, borrowing, i learned from milton friedman what you spending the money on? we are not getting value for what we spend on. john: not food stamps? they are going up sharply. >> that is not the worst thing the government does. john: people that are disabled? >> growing dramatically 87 the country gets a further the more people collect disability. >> the law has been liberalized and it has been interpreted to make it easier. john: the value of government guaranteed mortgages? >> a. are more cautious now i would be more worried about the pensions of the state employee it will be difficult for the federal government not to honor the state promise that is another $4 trillion on top of everything else. we made to many promises cannot keep we have to look closer to our means and spend money more wisely. john: thank you. up next a crystal ball shows the future supreme court. they are old. and he can appoint new liberals. what will that mean? when we co
in washington could take the lead and say hey it's time to acted like a grownup. most important things i learned is what are you spending the money on? i don't think we get $3.8 trillion worthed of value from what we are currently spending on. >> not from food stamps? they are going up sharply. >> how about people are disabled? payments up sharply for that. >> the country gets safer all of the time but they get more flexibility. >> people go on disability. >> the value of government guaranteed mortgages going through the roof. >> yeah, they are being a little more cautious now. i would be more worried about the value of pensions for state employees which will be difficult for the federal government not to step in and honor the state gvtmentes to -- governments to pay. that's a trillion dollars on top of everything else. we made too many promises we can't keep. he lives closer to our means and live wisely. >> thank you. up next my crystal ball reveals the supreme court which says that she is old so is he and he, therefore he will get to the point of being new liberals. we will tell you when we co
for the market to work properly. >> john: wouldn't be nice if the men and women in washington make the market work properly and create jobs. >> no doubt there are schools crumbling and parks need more attention. in minneapolis, we saw a bridge fall into the river. >> john: government doesn't have any money of its own, it has to take money from the private sector to give to these plans. >> it has a plan that will create 2.2 million jobs? >> if they can create the two million jobs, why not 5 million jobs, 10 milion jobs, spend more? >> there needs to be a balance. what we try to do --. >> john: how do you know it's the right balance of taking money taking money from the private sector. >> i think this guy has the right answer. that is mark cuban, owner of the dallas mavericks. >> how many jobs have you created? >> thousands, tens of thousands. >> when politicians take money from the private sector, they take it from job creators like cuban. >> government is not efficient at using money. >> when he was 24 he had no job himself and no prospect. >> what more can i ask for. >>e started a software c
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)